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VINTAGE RADIO TRANSFORMED INTO A HI-FI BLUETOOTH SPEAKER.PHONOLA 661 model from 1935. Phonola was founded in 1929 in Saronno under the name of FIMI. In 1931 it started the production and marketing of radio sets under the Phonola brand. With the outbreak of the war, the company's production activities were suspended. The recovery occurred in 1945, and the company also produced appliances for third parties under the Grundig, Minerva and Siemens brands. During the 1950s he started the production of the first televisions. In 1969 it was taken over by Philips. Dimensions width 46 cm x height 29 cm, depth 24 cm ONLY YOURS, IT'S A UNIQUE PIECE.The result of long research among enthusiasts, trade fairs and collectors from all over the world, each example is for sale as a unique piece. It will be yours alone. Being original objects of the time, they may show small signs of aging, they tell and testify to the authenticity and history of the piece. TOP OF THE RANGE JBL™ SPEAKER. Erwitt's DeLuxe series aims to offer you the maximum sound quality obtainable on these magical objects: past and future merge to give life to a unique product, ready to amaze. Thanks to the 75 Watt JBL™ speaker you will have crystal clear sound without distortion. Closing the circle is the wooden structure of the radio itself which is soundproofed internally with 8mm closed cell polyethylene anti-vibration panels. This is to make full use of the soundbox, and make everything resonate at its best by eliminating possible vibrations of the structure and returning a unique sound for each specimen.SOUND AMPLIFIER AUDIOPHILE QUALITY.
To have a complete and totally satisfying sound range, the task of delivering power is entrusted to the amplifier with Tripath™ Technology designed and manufactured in Italy by the Phoenix company. Thanks to Class-T amplification and Digital Power Processing™ technology it offers Audiophile sound quality. Prevents any disturbances thanks to the Anti-pop circuit that operates when turned on and off. It also offers safety at the highest levels thanks to the integrated protection against excessive temperatures and short circuits.
LATEST GENERATION BLUETOOTH AND AUX INPUT.Thanks to the Qualcomm® Bluetooth 5.0 receiver with AptX HD and Lossless technology, the music maintains the highest possible quality with virtually no latency. You can therefore take full advantage of Premium Hi-Fi Streaming services such as Tidal, Apple HD, Amazon Music HD and many others. Furthermore, with the AUX IN function you can connect an external analog device directly to the radio via RCA. You bought a new turntable? Connect it and listen to your vinyl records directly on your Erwitt radio.POWER AND VOLUME ADJUSTABLE FROM THE ORIGINAL KNOB.L The thrill of giving new life to a piece of history with the gestures of the last century. On the DeLuxe series the audio volume can also be adjusted by rotating the original radio knob, and not only from your smartphone as is the case with the Basic series. To keep the sensation of interaction as faithful as possible to the original one and make you travel back in time. READY FOR ALEXA AND GOOGLE HOME.If you have If you already have an Amazon Echo (Alexa) or Google Home device at home, you can connect the radio via Bluetooth and thus add voice control and the Multi-Room function to the Erwitt radios. Manage your smart home or ask to play your favorite song.Having an answer from a radio from the last century will leave everyone breathless. 5 YEAR WARRANTY AND FREE RETURNS.Every single order is carefully processed in the Erwitt laboratories, so we are sure to offer you a quality product. You have our free technical assistance for any need and you are covered by a 5-year warranty. If you change your mind we offer free returns, just contact us at any time and we will take care of everything. FREE SHIPPING, ALWAYS.No Prime subscription to pay, shipments are always free for our customers, regardless of the amount spent. The radio is processed and transformed into Bluetooth when ordering. approximately 5 working days are therefore required to completely refurbish the radio which is then shipped to the customer via 24 hour express courier.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:Professional Stabilized 12V Power Supply with Protection from shorts and overloads. 75 Watt JBL™ speaker with Woofer, Tweeter and Crossover. Fenice T-Amp amplifier with Tripath and Digital Power Processing technology. Qualcomm® Bluetooth 5.0 AptX HD with Connection Name and custom DSP equalization. Power and volume from original knob. Warm light LED backlight of the speaking scale. AUX input with RCA connectors.
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