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MINERVA Deutscher Kleinempfänger (1938) BLUETOOTH SPEAKER

MINERVA Deutscher Kleinempfänger (1938) BLUETOOTH SPEAKER

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VINTAGE RADIO CONVERTED INTO BLUETOOTH SPEAKER. MINERVA 425 model from 1941. Rare and prestigious model in walnut root. Produced in Italy and in good condition. Approximate dimensions 50cm x 35cm, depth 30cm.

THE HISTORY OF THE COMPANY. Minerva Italiana, founded in 1937 in Milan, is a symbol of heritage and Italian radio engineering. Initially a subsidiary of Minerva of Vienna, Minerva of Milan soon developed its own identity, producing quality radio sets combining Italian valves and Telefunken. The period of the Second World War marked a difficult time for Minerva, with the loss of the support of the parent company. Despite these challenges, the company persisted, vigorously resuming production of appliances for civilian use in 1945. This period is characterized by a clear Viennese technical influence and constant innovation, despite supply difficulties. After the war, Minerva continued to evolve, using both the "red series" and American valves and, from 1947, the "Rimlock" series. This adaptation to the circumstances shows the company's resilience and creativity in overcoming the obstacles of the period. As the years passed, Minerva became a household name in Italian homes, a symbol of quality and reliability. In 1968, the acquisition by Grundig opened a new chapter, with production continuing in Milan until 1980 under the Grundig brand. The history of Minerva Italiana is a tale of tenacity, innovation and Italian pride, a story that is intertwined with the historical and technological events of the 20th century.

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