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VINTAGE WIRE SPEAKER TRANSFORMED INTO A BLUETOOTH SPEAKER. BRIONVEGA FD 1102 wire speaker from 1969, designed by Richard Sapper and made of chromed metal, with Brionvega logo on the front. Exhibited at the MoMa in New York. A piece that made the history of product design. It shows minimal signs of aging on the chrome on one side, as shown in the photo, which tells and testifies to the authenticity of the object. Dimensions 19cm x 19cm, depth 7cm.

THE HISTORY OF THE OBJECT. In the fervor of 1964, the brilliant union between two icons of Italian design, Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper, gave life to an unprecedented product: the BRIONVEGA FD1102, a wired audio speaker destined to indelibly mark the history of minimal design. Marco Zanuso, architect and visionary born in 1916, already a pioneer of Italian industrial design, and Richard Sapper, the talented German designer known for his brilliant innovation, joined forces to create a product that not only challenged the conventions of the time but the completely redefined. The Brionvega, born from their collaboration in 1970, embodied the culmination of their joint research in the field of forms, techniques and materials. Their long history of successes, including the famous Doney for Brionvega in 1962, had already made the couple a point of reference in the design panorama. This wire speaker, in addition to being an expression of elegance and modernity, reflected Zanuso's attention to the industrialization of the product and the application of new materials. The Diffy's futuristic shape, with clean, minimalist lines, was a testament to their ability to anticipate trends and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Beyond aesthetics, the functionality of the 1102 was cutting edge: a perfect balance of form and substance. This design jewel, with its unique appearance, became an icon in the homes of enthusiasts and collectors. The Museum of Modern Art in New York hosted the testimoniestangible onions of these design geniuses. The Brionvega FD1102 even today, remains a reminder of the creative genius of Zanuso and Sapper, combining the technical mastery of the former and the visionary innovation of the latter. An immortal piece that continues to resonate through the decades, confirming their status in the design firmament.

INVESTMENT OVER TIME. At our store, we are passionately dedicated to preserving the historical integrity and collectible value of vintage radios. We offer a distinctive service through the installation of our exclusive Erwitt Bluetooth Kit, which is delicately added and is easily removable, keeping all the original components intact. This approach not only offers a modern experience without compromising the important historical legacy of these extraordinary pieces, but also helps to retain their value over time. As these items become increasingly rare and valuable, they also become harder to find, making your vintage radio not only a listening pleasure, but also an increasingly valuable investment over the years. 

TOTAL COMPATIBILITY. 100% compatible with all Apple and Android smartphones. Tablet, PC, Mac and any other device with a Bluetooth connection. We are the only ones in the sector able to offer a customized Bluetooth receiver at hardware level: we program it for each individual radio so that the name of the Bluetooth connection is exactly that of the chosen model and not a generic name.

EXCITES, AMAZES, CONQUERS. The emotion of giving new life to a piece of history with the gestures of the last century. The new Bluetooth system starts simply by turning the original radio power knob.

STREAMING WITHOUT BORDERS. Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Google Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, Digital Radio and more. Free to listen to your favorite sound stream and manage everything directly from your connected device.

READY FOR ALEXA AND GOOGLE HOME. You can pair your Amazon Echo or Google Home and thus add voice control and the Multi-Room function to Erwitt radios. Manage your smart home or ask to play your favorite song. Having an answer from a radio from the last century will leave everyone breathless.

THE SOUND THAT DISTINGUISHES YOU. A warm, vintage and enveloping sound, which differs from modern speakers. When we work on a radio we carry out a complete overhaul of the original speaker. This is because our goal is to have a unique audio that stands out for its character, timbre and intensity. We like the idea of ​​reviving the original "voice" of each radio, raising it to the nth degree. Do you want to hear with your ears?

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Classic 220V power supply. Professional 5V switching with protection from shorts and overloads. Perfect original speaker and completely overhauled. 30W amplifier with carefully equalized DSP. Qualcomm AptX 5.0 Erwitt Bluetooth Receiver with Connection Name and custom parameters. Ignition by original knob and warm light operation LED.

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