Giacomo Favilla, born in 1984, is the beating heart of ErwittRadio.com. Vintage enthusiast and expert in Electronics and Telecommunications. With solid experience gained over the years as a photographer and videomaker for major international brands, he integrated his artistic and technical skills into Erwitt's project, also shaping its visual identity.

The seed of his project was planted in 2016 during a trip that took him between the enchanting atmospheres of Gothenburg and Stockholm, Sweden. It was there that he made a discovery that awakened his creative spirit: the beautiful, silent, neglected vintage radios that adorned the windows of vintage-themed shops. And there, among the Scandinavian lights and fresh air, a revolutionary idea was born: giving new life to those radios, pairing them with modern technologies.

The first time he showed his creation to the world was at the East Market in Milan, a temple of vintage where dreams take shape and passions ignite. His radios found a new audience, an echo of nostalgia and innovation that captured everyone's imagination.

From that moment on, Giacomo's journey has been a journey of discovery and growth. It opened an Online Store and, over time, it also created a physical Store, a place where magic takes shape and dreams become reality. Requests for collaborations continued to flow in, including the one with the well-known Wender of Radio 105. Also exciting was the participation in the "Future Vintage" in Padua, the publications on Radio Deejay's IG profile and much more. You can learn more on the "What they say about us" page of the site.

And so, the path of ErwittRadio.com continues, undertaking new challenges and discoveries every day. With commitment and dedication, the project constantly evolves, always looking for new ways to grow and innovate. Looking ahead with determination, we await with curiosity the next stages of this journey. Stay tuned to find out where this extraordinary adventure will take us.