Do you have a vintage radio down and want to bring it back to life? Below you will find all our services available to you.


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Converting Your Radio to Bluetooth

We breathe new life into your radio: even if the device you own is no longer functional, it will be resurrected thanks to our Bluetooth conversion kit that preserves historical value.

other optional services

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Original Speaker Overhaul

We perform a complete overhaul of the original speaker. We like the idea of reviving the original voice of your radio station by elevating it to the nth power. It can also be replaced with a new one upon request.

LED lighting

The lighting of the talking staircase. is important to give light and let people know that the device is on. We can install both LED and traditional filament light upon request.

USB Rechargeable Battery

Optional only upon request we can install a USB rechargeable battery system inside the radio to make it portable.

Reconstructing Talking Scale

The talking scale (the front glass with stations written on it) was very delicate and made of glass. If yours was broken/damaged we can rebuild it perfectly.

Front canvas replacement

The cloth covering the speaker is often worn, scratched or marked by time. We can replace it with a new one always in style.

Backrest Reconstruction

Has the back panel of your radio been lost? We'll take care of it and custom recreate it!

Cloning Knobs

If you have lost knobs from your beloved radio we can clone them or search our archives for matching ones.

Aesthetic restoration of wood

Does your radio have scratches or damaged wood? We'll take care of it.

Customized projects

Do you have particular ideas in mind? We can do designs according to your wishes for power, amplification, speaker system, or whatever else you can think of to put inside your radio.

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for you there is directly available the external receiver that adds Bluetooth connectivity to your radio.