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Hi-Fi Bluetooth turntable

Hi-Fi Bluetooth turntable

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Turntable compatible with Vintage Bluetooth Radios by Erwitt, listen to vinyl via Bluetooth on your vintage radio.

TEAC turntable gives you a whole new way to listen to vinyl records with its Bluetooth capability. No extra cost for Hi-Fi components or complicated wiring. Only Bluetooth speakers or headphones are needed to enjoy the world of vinyl records.
Designed for music enthusiasts, the belt-driven motor ensures clearer sound than direct drive DJ players, while selectable outputs (phono, line or Bluetooth) allow you to connect any type of amplifier, active speaker or Bluetooth device .
Unlike many budget turntables, the TEAC uses a single wooden cabinet with high-density MDF to dampen vibrations and provide a clearer, richer sound.
Whether you're a music lover who's been collecting records for decades or just starting out, you'll enjoy the true sound of vinyl.

Integrated Bluetooth transmitter

It can play sound wirelessly via a built-in Bluetooth transmitter, as well as conventional RCA output in analog line or phono format. The pairing button is located at the base of the arm, which lights up after successfully connecting to the BT speakers/headphones.

3-speed turntable with automatic return

Plays LP, EP and 78 rpm records*. The arm automatically returns to its original position when playback is finished. An Audio-Technica AT3600L VM-type (MM-type equivalent) cartridge is already installed on the straight arm so you can start playing records as soon as you open the box.

*The groove on SP (78 RPM) records is 3 to 4 times wider than a typical 33⅓ RPM record, which could damage the stylus and cause noise when playing a record with the stylus pre-installed. Use it in a limited way.

High density MDF cabinet construction

Unlike other plastic frame turntables, this one has a single wooden board with high density MDF to minimize vibration and resonance.

Built-in Phono EQ amplifier

Enjoy vinyl playback with any amplifier regardless of input type. The TN-180BT-A3 supports both Phono and Line.

Authentic belt drive turntable

The plastic platter is driven by a high-torque DC motor, while a precision stainless steel spindle and durable brass spindle maintain accurate rotational speed.

All features at a glance

  • Belt drive turntable
  • Built-in Bluetooth transmitter for BT speakers or headphones
  • Audio-technica AT3600L MM type cartridge pre-installed
  • Built-in phono equalizer amplifier
  • Phono and Line outputs
  • High density MDF cabinet for better resonance reduction
  • 3 speeds (33/45/78 rpm)
  • Elegant design in black, white or cherry finishes
  • Automatic return and manual boom lift
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