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EARLY RADIO CONVERTED TO BLUETOOTH SPEAKER. Model EMERSON 646 series 2 from 1950. Rare and prestigious model in white Bakelite. Made in the USA in New York City. In excellent state of preservation. Dimensions 22 cm x 18 cm, depth 12 cm.

HISTORY. The history of Emerson Radio & Phonograph Corp. is an epic of innovation and resilience that began in 1915, when the company was founded in New York by Victor Hugo Emerson. In the 1930s, during the Great Depression, Emerson distinguished himself by producing affordable radio, bringing music and news into the homes of millions of Americans and becoming a symbol of hope. In 1933, the company introduced the first portable radio, forever changing the way people listened to music. During World War II, Emerson played a crucial role by providing radio equipment for the army, contributing to the war effort and keeping troop morale high. In the 1950s, the company launched the famous "Emerson Patriot" series of table radios," icons of design and functionality. In the 1960s, with the advent of transistor radios, Emerson continued to innovate, producing increasingly compact and affordable devices. Despite economic challenges and increasing competition, Emerson has kept its legacy alive, becoming a symbol of quality and reliability, conveying emotions through every note and image.

VALORE STORICO. The radio keeps all original components intact, thus preserving its historical and collector value. The non-invasive, easily removable Bluetooth kit allows you to enjoy modern music without altering the integrity of the piece. A perfect blend of authenticity of the past and contemporary technology.

RECHARGEABLE 15 HOUR INTERNAL BATTERY. Each radio is equipped with a high-quality lithium battery capable of playing music for 15 hours continuously. Recharging it is super easy, via a regular power cord provided free of charge

TOTAL COMPATIBILITY. 100% compatible with all Apple and Android smartphones. Tablet, Pc, Mac, and any other device with a Bluetooth connection. You can pair your Amazon Echo or Google Home and thus add voice command and Multi-Room function to Erwitt radios.

ORIGINAL COMMANDS, NOSTALGICAL EMOTION. The magic of breathing new life into a piece of history with the gestures of the last century. The new Bluetooth system is started simply by turning the original radio power knob, and the volume is also adjustable from the knob.

STREAMING WITHOUT BORDERS. Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Google Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, Digital Radio and more. Free to listen to your favorite sound stream and manage everything directly from your connected device.

THE SECURITY OF AN OFFICIAL STORE. Not only Online. We are here to offer you a real-world shopping experience, a step back in time where the scent of the past meets the charm of elegant, timeless lines. Ability to customize on many radios and you know who you buy your products from. We put our face to it, with passion and willingness.

5-YEAR WARRANTY, SATISFACTORY OR REFUNDED. Every single order is carefully processed in Erwitt Laboratories, so we are sure to offer you a quality product. You have our free technical support for any needs and you are covered under warranty for a full 5 years. We always offer free returns if you change your mind.

FREE SHIPPING, ALWAYS. No Prime subscription to pay, for our customers shipping is always free, regardless of the amount spent. Within 3-6 working days after the order, the radio is converted to Bluetooth and shipped to the customer.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Professional 5V power supply with Short and Overload Protection. Fully serviced original speaker. 30 Wmax amplifier. Bluetooth AptX receiver 5.0 Erwitt with Connection Name and custom parameters. Ignition from original knob and warm light operation LED.

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Always included, the certificate that authenticates the historical originality and year of production of the radio you have chosen.


No Prima subscription to pay. We will give you free shipping. All over Italy. Otherwise you can opt for collection at our office.


For any need or change of mind we are at your complete disposal. Returns always free with collection at our expense.


For 5 years you are covered by our guarantee which includes free collection and repair or replacement.