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VINTAGE RADIO CONVERTED INTO BLUETOOTH SPEAKER. Philips 930A model called "Formagino" from 1931. Spectacular wooden model with an iconic design and a warm sound. It presents signs of aging, they tell and testify to the authenticity of the object. This example was recovered without tubes and original speaker inside, so we mounted a new speaker and a new amplification for an improved sound. Dimensions: 47 cm x 41 cm, depth 17 cm.

THE HISTORY. The Philips 930A radio, nicknamed "Cheese" due to the shape of its dark brown wooden cabinet that resembles a cheese box, is one of the most iconic models of the 1930s. Introduced in 1931, it stands out for its compact design and circular grille on the speaker. It used vacuum tube technology, cutting edge for its time, which improved sound quality. Designed to receive mediumwave broadcasts, the Philips 930A quickly became popular for its attractive design and superior sound quality. Today it is a highly sought after collector's piece, recognized for its technological innovations and unique design that has left a mark in the history of industrial design.

TOTAL COMPATIBILITY. 100% compatible with all Apple and Android smartphones. Tablet, PC, Mac and any other device with a Bluetooth connection Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Google Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, Digital Radio and much more. You can pair your Amazon Echo or Google Home and thus add voice control and the Multi-Room function to Erwitt radios.

5 YEAR GUARANTEE, SATISFIED OR MONEY BACK. Every single order is carefully processed in the Erwitt laboratories, so we are sure to offer you a quality product. You have our free technical assistance for any need and you are covered by a 5-year warranty. If you change your mind we always offer free returns.

FREE SHIPPING, ALWAYS. No Prime subscription to pay, shipping is always free for our customers in Italy, regardless of the amount spent. Within 3-6 working days from the order the radio is converted to Bluetooth and shipped to the customer.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Professional 5V power supply with protection from shorts and overloads. New 16.5 cm speaker. BT conversion kit consisting of: 30 W carefully equalized amplifier, AptX 5.0 Erwitt Bluetooth receiver with connection name and customized parameters. Switching on from the original knob and warm light operation LED.

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Always included, the certificate that authenticates the historical originality and year of production of the radio you have chosen.


No Prima subscription to pay. We will give you free shipping. All over Italy. Otherwise you can opt for collection at our office.


For any need or change of mind we are at your complete disposal. Returns always free with collection at our expense.


For 5 years you are covered by our guarantee which includes free collection and repair or replacement.